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Gene name : HGFAC
Ensembl ID ENSG00000109758
Description Hepatocyte growth factor activator precursor (EC 3.4.21.-) (HGF activator) (HGFA) [Contains: Hepatocyte growth factor activator short chain; Hepatocyte growth factor activator long chain]. [Source:Uniprot/SWISSPROT;Acc:Q04756]
HCC significant gene
Significantly up- or down- regulated in at least three independent HCC microarray/proteomic reports.
At least 2 folds expression change in more than 70% patients in reprocessed Stanford HCC microarray data.
With wet-lab experimental data from previous reports.
Reference expression data
down     cDNA Microarray - - Okabe et al., Cancer Res. 61:2129 (2001)
down     cDNA Microarray - - Xu et al., Cancer Res. 61:3176 (2001)
down     Oligo Microarray - - Tackels-Horne et al., Cancer 92:395 (2001)
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